Hugo and Jake finish off their series of reviews on Netflix's Daredevil!


Jessica Jones

Hugo and Jake discuss the second and third episodes of Marvel's Jessica Jones. Lots of Superhero coitus in this one.

Luke Cage

So how does Netflix's newest Defender stack up? Let's find out!


Iron Fist

Let's see how Marvel's newest Defender stacks up!

Daredevil Season 1

Netflix's first foray into the MCU. So, Good or Bad? What's the verdict?

Jessica Jones Season 1

How does the second Defender stack up to Daredevil? Let's investigate.

(Yes, we never finished reviewing this, basically we liked it just a little less than Daredevil)

Luke Cage Season 1

Sweet Christmas that was a bad ending.

Iron Fist Season 1

Hugo & Jake talk the final series before Netflix's Defenders.