The Bible Reloaded Theme

It's The Bible Reloaded

A logic explosion
Like Jesus and Moses
But it's Hugo and Jake

The bible is jaded
And most of it's pagan
So get educated
With Hugo and Jake

Pull up a pew and
Stop what you're doin'
It's bible reloaded time.

They're gonna debate it
The theists will hate it
Like Dawkins and Sagan
But it's Hugo and Jake

So, on with show then
It's not candy coated
It's the bible reloaded
With Hugo and Jake

With Hugo and Jake...

Written and performed by Dorian Silk & The Midnight City Hoods
Recorded at "The Hollow" by D. Mays
Copyright 2013. All rights reserved


The Qu'ran Reloaded Theme

It's Hugo and Jake they're coming to take a look at the Qu'ran, 
So make no mistake it's gunna be great delivering more than! 
Comedy, That's what they wanna be but honestly. 
It's fact from fiction, leaving lasting hits when, 

Hugo and Jake take Faith and Illustrate contradictions, 
Create Apostates to be great, Atheists make, 
People who believe see the world in a different way, 
What's on the episode today, take it away, Hugo and Jake

It's Hugo and Jake splitting the fact from the fake, 
Attempting to make those who hold faith revaluate and wake up! 
But they just, stay stuck and hate us, WAIT! 
And stay in place, no time to waste, The Qu'ran reloaded with Hugo and Jake

Written and performed by @MRSICCSE7EN
Copyright 2016. All rights reserved


UNpopular Culture Theme

People try to get ‘em
Never gonna get ‘em
They're walkin’ the line

Hugo and Jake
Talk-in’ shit and fight-in’ criiiime

And even if you could catch them
You'd never stop the action

Unpopular Culture
Watch ‘em wheelin’ on down the road

Unpopular Culture
Shootin’ lasers are things that explode

Un-pop-U-lur Cul-ture-a whoa a whoa a whoa

Written and performed by Shmahat & Mr. H.
Recorded at Sunerable Records
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. 
Animated by @MrBaffaCake