Friends of The Show

Our first ever Chick Tract guest, DarkMatter2525 spends most of his time making entertaining and informative animations on the topic of Atheism.  The rest of the time he tries to forget about that time Jake accidentally used a racial slur in front of him.

If you're looking for an expert on bananas TJ's your guy.  TJ has made many appearances on our channel and we've been guests on his Drunken Peasants Podcast more than a few times.

Progenitor of the Harold Penisman Myth!

The only ego visible from space.

If Six Flags had a Batman vs Joker emotional atheism rollercoaster ...well that'd be pretty neat.

Here's MrRepzion, he does gaming and junk. 

The only non-human guest we've ever had, CC spends most of his time communing with the ghost of Fred Phelps.

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If you call him a skeptic clone he'll concisely build an argument to make you cry.

Host of The Atheist Experience, Lecturer, Debater, anti-religionist and more...

AronRa (L. Aron Nelson)

President of the Atheist Alliance of America, the host of the Ra-Men Podcast, a public speaker, video producer, blogger, and vlogger. He is also the former Texas state-director of the American Atheists.

Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin)

Self proclaimed finder of the truth of the matter using rational arguments backed up by evidence. Firebrand of the skeptic community and our most controversial guest since Milo welched out on us.

Chair roll and divisive political music video extraordinaire. Is to stuffed llamas what we are to chick tracts.

Supplies intellectual and emotional context to the turbulent atheism vs religion debate. One-third of the Unholy Trinity along with AronRa and Matt Dillahunty.

Does daily reviews on the latest in rock, pop, electronic, metal, hip hop, and experimental music. Our least likely chick tract guest.

Drunken Peasants.jpg

A podcast format channel featuring Ben and TJ (The Amazing Atheist) as they break down the current news stories that are most interesting to them, while providing you with opinions and commentary "from an altered perspective".

From Stoned Gremlin Productions and Channel Awesome. Our chief competitor for snarky Christiano Bros. movie reviews.

In his kingdom, the goats thrive while trolls die.

He does live streams, gaming content and social commentary. You should probably sub.

*also out of his mind

Former Gubernatorial Candidate, California 2003.

YouTube Commentator. Film Enthusiast. 


Host of The Kyle Kulinski Show. Co-Founder of Justice Democrats. Dems taking $0 donations from corporations & billionaires.

YouTuber, Stand-up Comedian, Photographer! One half of The Saints & Sinners Comedy Tour and half of POISONING THE WELL.

Hellbound heathen, drunken pundit, and all around pain in YouTube's ass. The OTHER half of The Saints & Sinners Comedy Tour and Co-host of POISONING THE WELL.

A 32 year old woman from the UK, called Michelle, who plays video games.

Just a Cotton-Candy-haired girl making videos about things she likes. Gaming, Art, Voice Overs, Animations, WHO KNOWS!

Satisfy your sweet tooth for cartoons and reviews!!!

The social commentator with a sexy voice and specified interest in proving people wrong.

ThinkStephtically is about pursuit of the truth by following the facts wherever they may lead.

Focused on empowering the secular community by taking a critical and comedic look at attacks against atheist, secular, scientific and political topics.

An informative, critical and often light hearted view of the world's major religions by an atheist ex-Muslim Arab who just wants to make the world a better place for future generations.

The Bible Skeptic examines in rich, deeply researched detail and sober rationality, the many claims of biblical inerrantists, Christian apologists and creationists.

In short, waaaay smarter than us. :P

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A secular Milwaukee based organization that manages talent, hosts major events, produces podcasts, movies and more!

Cuz Hugo only allows Jake ten on air words a month for sports.

JakeJonLouDavidJoelRyan and Dom

Writer and creator of the pro-science comic After the Gold Rush.

Grew up in the blackberry bushes and rivers of Northern California. A comic writer, folk singer and science advocate.

Check out those adorable little cherubs in the top left corner! That's US! And more importantly, that's James' Art! He's a genius!

Draws YouTubers, animals, FNAF, Pokémon and whatever the fuck he feels like.

The godfather. The papa. The alldaddy. RIP, Jack. You my nigga.

POTUS  (Donald J. Trump)

Very tired of winning.

More blocks than Dikembe Mutombo.